If you face problems signing up for a trial of Styra DAS (Declarative Authorization Service), please perform the following actions:

1. Check for your confirmation email. Ensure you check the correct email inbox: the one linked to your SSO provider (Google, GitHub, etc.) that you used to sign up for your new Styra DAS account. Note that Styra sends out two emails. The first is a confirmation email that contains your registration information, and it arrives quickly after you first sign up to Styra DAS. Remember to check your spam folder if the confirmation email is missing from your inbox.

2. Wait fifteen minutes, and then check for your DAS sign-in email. The second email contains your DAS sign-in link, which arrives when your new DAS Workspace is ready. It may take up to fifteen minutes to spin up your DAS Workspace, so please be patient.

3. Attempt to view your account. If after fifteen minutes you still have not received an email with your DAS sign-in link, attempt to view your account directly. Visit signup.styra.com/sign-in and attempt to sign in using the same SSO provider and email address you used previously to sign up.

Then attempt to sign in via the link provided.

4. Contact Styra Support. If after five more minutes you are still unable to sign in to your DAS workspace, please contact Styra Support at support@styra.com. Include as much relevant information as you can, including the SSO provider you used and your DAS Workspace ID.