Thank you for your patience as we build the Styra Knowledge Base! In the meantime, the resources below may be helpful.

Styra Community Slack – Coming soon! – The Styra website, where you may sign up for a free trial of Styra DAS (Declarative Authorization Service), book a product demonstration, learn about product pricing, and find additional resources.

Styra Academy – Free, self-paced online courses to help you learn how to enforce authorization policy across your cloud-native stack, built by the creators of Open Policy Agent.

Styra Blog – Read the latest posts from the founders and maintainers of Open Policy Agent. – The OPA website, where you may find OPA documentation, downloads, and the OPA Blog.

The Rego Playground – Rego (pronounced "ray-go") is OPA's policy language. Using the Playground, you may view policy examples, execute policies with input and data, and publish your policies to share and collaborate.

Thank you again!