Because the trial is limited to 30 days, we have a couple of limitations to that trial period. We want to make sure no one loses policies if they let a trial expire, and we want to mitigate the risk of some goofball trying to game/break the system. (You know that goofball... We all know that goofball.)

  • No vanity domains during the trial period.
  • During the trial period, deployment is limited to just 2 clusters, and 100 nodes
  • Only 20 rules can be enforced during the trial period. 

Mainly we want to make sure that when the trial period is over, no one loses data, is surprised by a sudden change when enforcement changes, or has to figure out how to manage wonky domain settings.

That said, if you need to test more broadly, we are here to help, and can set you up with a full-featured trial as well - just let us know.